Lynn King Grieve

As a little girl growing up, I had many influences, but I believe my art background was highly influenced by my mother. She lived for art and to this day has a passion for words. My father loved big ideas & people, and he was always one to celebrate life. My family and home was originally in Houston, Texas.

My education was a long curvy path that was ignited in my late twenties at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School. That experience led to completing my BFA in Painting at the University of Houston. The Art Institute of Chicago was the next step on my agenda—a path taken to obtain a teaching certificate in Art Education. My MFA in Teacher Education was completed at the University of Nebraska — Omaha. 


I came to Omaha, Nebraska, in 1992 to teach art for the Omaha Public Schools. I have taught art at the elementary and middle school levels and photography to high school students. I love to make images that I can tell a story with. It is my wish to help to shine the light that is in every situation, and to illustrate the beauty in simple things.


Omaha is my home that I share with my husband, Mike, and our lively pup Lily. Additionally, I now have inherited 4 great kids to complete my family.

Daisey and Me 2016.jpg

This is a story about the real Daisey, who I acquired from a horse farm. On that warm summer day, as I was looking at the puppies, she ran straight to me. She instantly became mine, and our friendship began. Daisey was my first love, and I hope she makes your day a little brighter. Did everything really happen? You tell me!